Urban Training

Far from the idyllic peaks of the Sierra, or the evergreen forests of Oregon, my training routine has been more of an urban affair. The walking distance from home to work-space ranges from 3 miles straight-line to as long as your imagination (and a good map of Boston).

I set into a rhythm of a 4 mile walk to work with a 3 mile return leg. Pounding the streets 4 days of every 5 through rain and chills has certainly allowed me to test out my gear, if not proper terrain. Of course this includes minimal weight (my laptop), not to mention minimal elevation gain, hence despite the mileage likely helping with some cardio and impact training, it’s entirely useless. The views on my normal 4 miler inbound leg leave a lot to be desired…


The venerable McGrath Highway. Monument to the steady demise of 1970’s concrete


Not bemoaning the fact that the return trip via the newly renovated Longfellow Bridge really is quite pretty…


Sunrise over downtown Boston from the Longfellow Bridge

Regardless of the topographical shortfalls and the lack of mountainous vistas, the 1 hour in and 1 hour home strategy is extremely convenient and the mileage is likely impossible without some form of commute-offset strategy to get the miles in.


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