T-1 : The Last Day: Nothin’to it but to do it’

Friday the 13th, unlucky for some. In my case I’d like to think it was pretty awesome. I pulled a near all nighter in order to get all of my final gear defined and in place. For better or worse some scope creep probably featured as part of this process as I’m now in San Diego wondering why my pack weight seems to have some middle-age spread. Here is all my hearing one photo (sans pack and the items i mailed ahead already (i.e. The bear canister and microspikes).

final packing process

With bag packed I ventured to work and closed out my last few hours in the office with more than a few curious questions from co-workers about what exactly I was doing. To be fair most questions involved mountain lion and snake based critiques.

Last few hours at work

After shutting down for the last time and a quick photo outside the office at Summer St, it was an amazing race style dash to Boston Logan Airport. I had left it way too tight tending to last minute work questions!

bouncing out of work

After a false-start where I tried the MBTA silver line, time dictated a taxi as no T arrived after 20 mins. Some minor stress in racing upstairs and I was finally on the road with a characteristically chirpy and fun Boston cabby whipping me out to Logan via the fastest route possible (I hope you can tell the sarcasm there).

Boston traffic, one thing i wont miss about Boston

A few hours later and I’m sailing over the Midwest and treated to my first western sunset of the trip – burning orange for seemingly two hours as we chased the Suns escape.

With arrival procedures completed, I was picked up by Bob, a friendly and gracious trail angel who assists the mammoth efforts of fellow-Angels Scout and Frodo in the San Diego area. After pickup and a 30min drive I was at PCT NoBo (Northbounder) base camp. I conpleted some last minute gear swaps, packed my backpack travel cover and mailed it to Agua Dulce and finally hit the hay (or grass) in the huge area of backyard camp positions under marquees. This really is an impressive operation!
So now I sleep. Tomorrow I walk. Nothin’ to it but to do it’ at this stage.

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