Day 42: Sunday is the day of rest… (ZERO)

Day: Sunday, July 10th 2016

Miles: 0 – 0

Davidson St Guesthouse – Westin Monache, Mammoth

The glorious zero-miles-day. I’m not sure I’ve really actually had one yet. I have included about 4 NERO or near-zero days up to now, and despite breaking off the trail for 2 weeks in June, I actually have not taken a 1 day rest period between hiking days since starting in Campo on May 14th. It seems weird to realize this, pretty much every day has involved walking more than 10 trail-miles with few exceptions. Regardless, the day had come, and despite the opportunity that presented itself, I slept horribly with maybe about 4-5hrs sleep and most of the night spent fidgeting and squirming around in my bunk. As a result I was certainly moving slowly when we made it out for breakfast at a local spot.

Today was errand day, given we splurged hugely yesterday and did all of our eating and drinking on the first night! We had a huge breakfast and then hit up the supermarket for some resupply items. In my case, mostly purchasing items recommended to me over the past two weeks on the 10 day stint: such as wraps, peanut butter, Mio water additive, an avocado (they don’t crush in the bear can!) as well as chips ahoy Double Choco-chip cookies (calories galore!). After the supermarket, we visited the main sports store where I finally found a Sawyer Squeeze water filter, to replace my devastatingly slow Sawyer Mini filter. We visited Schats, a highly recommended local bakery also where I bought some delicious cheese bread, and we all giggled at the name (hoping it wasn’t something we might get later).

After our errands were complete, we hopped back to the guesthouse and retrieved our bags since we were moving accommodation tonight. Given I hadn’t had a hot-tub fix and had some loyalty points to burn for Westin hotels, we checked into the Westin Monache up the road, a really beautiful hotel overlooking the mountains and the town of Mammoth. I also called ahead to tell them about Srocket and Blues engagement at Forester Pass, and the hotel gave us a nice bottle of bubbly in our room to celebrate! We made maximum use of the facilitates all evening and enjoyed getting washed up for two days running! Well-made use of some loyalty points!

Later we checked out a pizza spot close by, where we ate far too much, as well as another trip to Ben and Jerrys, only to eat far too much. Again.

With full innards, relaxed hot tubbed outards and no many cares, we all crashed early for a very restful and pleasant evening. I could get used to these zeros!

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