Day 55: A slow start to the day… (NERO)

Day: Saturday, July 23rd 2016

Miles: 1153.3 – 1159.3

Clair Tappan Lodge 1153.3 – Remote Camp 1159.3

Some days you just can’t help but drag your feet. I didn’t take any time in South Lake Tahoe and also barely rested in Sonora Pass so a day of loafing was on the cards. I had a slow and restful morning with breakfast at the Clair Tappan Lodge and then spent time blogging, enjoying clean clothes and chewing clean myself, as well as chatting with another hiker from San Francisco who was hiking through to Mt.Shasta. The morning of nothing was glorious and I didn’t start to make moves out of the lodge until late in the afternoon, admiring the beautiful log cabin before hitting the road.

After a short time hitching, I dropped into the ski lodge for some evening food and pie. It was hot and humid at the pass and the idea of hiking really wasn’t factoring high on my list of priorities. Eventually the ranch filled up with a bunch of other hikers I knew, and an evening of hanging out in the sun listening to the band playing old school tunes began to take shape.

Around 8pm I finally hit the trail with a number of other hikers. Everyone had differing mileage in mind and thus the troop of headlamp lit night hikers began to peel off gradually as the miles progressed. I eventually hit the eerie underpass by interstate 80 late into the night, a particular spooky spot with the noise of human progress blowing through overhead as cars rushed from one side of the pass to the other.

The trail cuts right through the Interstate 80 rest area so I couldn’t resist the opportunity to recharge with cell coverage, a rare treat lately despite the inauspicious surroundings.

Beyond the rest area I ventured as far as I could in order to avoid the sounds of the busy highway and the potential for unwanted intrusions in the night from rest area patrons. Pushing upwards towards a mountain pass until I found a cosy spot nestled in a small gully sheltered from the noise far below. Today wasn’t a big day, but it made up for it in rested bones and a nice evening of festivities in the sun, a rare occurance lately for me!

3 thoughts on “Day 55: A slow start to the day… (NERO)

      • Ah, that’s kinda what I thought (at least from the phone part). I’ve seen other problems posting while on thru-hikes and always wondered how’d that go with battery consumption. Do you have a solar charger? Or too much of a luxury to add extra weight of one, maybe. Anyhow, enjoying the read so far, will have to go backwards now and read some older posts. One day maybe I’ll do a thru-hike…maybe, ha. I could never hitch hike, thou. 😔


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