Day 58-59: New York New York… (ZERO)

Day: Tuesday, July 26th 2016 / Wednesday, July 27th 2016

Miles: 0

Well, zero times two is zero so in mileage it all makes sense but in terms of days of pure unadulterated rest and relaxation it really doesn’t sum up how nice a zero miles day really is, never mind two of them. I arrived to JFK this morning at 8am and navigated the LIRR to Penn Station before some subway riding to where my sister was enjoying breakfast with my mum and dad. The surprise plan was set, I would arrive to their table, sit down, not day a word and we would see who said something first! Everything went like clockwork on the day as thankfully I had used up all of my bad karma in getting here!

As such we had a wonderful morning of breakfast and easy going laid-back family time. Given the heatwave that was melting New York at the time, there wasn’t much of an alternative! In the evening we went for a pleasant boat ride around Manhatten and later had a nice dinner to celebrate.

Wednesday was another great low-key day, hanging out in Eataly, a big Italian food emporium as well as some well cooled home-time watching TV, regaling stories of the trail and catching up.

Sadly of course, all zeros must come to an end and my flight to Reno was at 7:30PM on Wendesday. I wearily hopped on the LIRR commuter rail just a home-commuter time and suffered 30mins of reality getting to JFK just to send me off back to the cloud of the PCT that we live on! Sitting in JFK I was excited and nervous to head back to the Trail, the thoughts of the blues and the tough Northern California sections very much to the front of my mind. With a beautiful sunset and a pleasant evening glow in the air, I settled in for a nice flight.

Arriving late to Reno, my only plan was to get to my hotel and crash for the night. I was very excited to get a response from Ray, the pleasant guy who offered to give me a ride back to the trail, and so plans were set for a 7am redezvous at his house close to my hotel, and an early start to the day!

2 thoughts on “Day 58-59: New York New York… (ZERO)

  1. Always learning from you blog. Never seen a sleep pad carried quite like that. I am going to give that a try. Did you cut it down at all? I also liked how you carry Sheep. Very nice touch, I must say.
    All the best. Still want to know about your BOOK. Petey, you have already written it. 😀


    • Hey Yermo. I have cut my Thermarest down by 50% as I’m now using a torso length Exped on the top-side. Even still I’m not sure I like this configuration however as I keep waking up off the sleeping pad. The full length was much nicer. As regards putting the pad on the side, it’s handy for travel as it reduces your width however it makes balancing load tricky – I put my water bladder on one side and find that my back and load is much more comfortable if I distribute weight evenly i.e. If I have 1L on the left, it’s best to have 1L on the right. The pad is light so it’s really only comfortable to haul this way of I’m not carrying much more than 1L in the opposite side pocket.

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