Day 119: Pretending I’m a real person… (ZERO)

Day: Sunday, 25th September 2016

Miles: 2461.7 (0)

ZERO Day – Seattle Washington

It was likely to be my last ZERO miles day of this Pacific Crest Trail endeavor, and the decision to do it was an impulsive one. Family had travelled thousands and thousands of miles to meet me on the trail at Stevens Pass. It seemed like a travesty to race back on the trail just hours later, when the weather forecast suggested sunny skies through the next week. As I awoke in Seattle to this epiphany, my ‘whats the rush?’ mantra had been fully reinstated and it felt really good. It was time to have some fun in the company of family. The sun was shining, and what better way to enjoy the great Emerald City.

Firstly of course, breakfast was in order, and after a short trip to the waterfront, I enjoyed both first and second breakfast at one immense sitting with my family. It was certainly one of the more memorable breakfasts of the PCT although sadly it was a little too classy to have a ‘Lumberjack Special’ on the menu, my usual favorite (along with a short stack of pancakes). A tantalizing and scary glimpse into life off-trail for me – very soon these enormous breakfasts will be a thing of the past!

After breakfast, we took a walk down to the waterfront, and enjoyed the views of Elliot Bay and Puget Sound all the way to the Olympic Mountains. Mt.Rainier even decided to show itself, albeit a little unconfidently with some cloud cover swirling around its peak to the south.


Wandering through Pike Place Market, and I pondered the idea of a haircut and beard trim, before thankfully realizing that it was a ludicrous idea. My enormous mop of hair was far too wonderful to sacrifice so close to the end. I’ve spent 5 months growing this beautiful beard, Im not leaving it behind now!


After a quick look at the Olympic Sculpture Park, I went to the REI flagship store for one of the most important parts of this ZERO day, new shoes! I have been wearing my current shoes since Etna, CA (1597.1 – 2461.7) and a change is long overdue. This is my fourth and final pair of shoes supporting the PCT. This pair has lasted the longest, thanks to Oregon and Washingtons largely pine needle clad trails, not to mention the good weather. It felt really great to get some new bounce on my feet, although I was a little sad to say goodbye to the old pair, as it seems like only yesterday I had them delivered to Etna!


After a nap and some further chats and catchups with my sister and cousins, we went for a proverbial last supper at a seafood restaurant down the road from the hotel. It was a great dinner with great company. Definitely a superb ZERO day, and after running some quick calculations in my mileage cheat sheet, its just seven days left on this magical trip. I’m looking forward to tomorrow. Monday morning and my final big push to Canada!

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