The concept of an ‘About’ page on a blog always seems akin to the forward at the beginning of a book (i.e. I’m not sure who reads it, but I probably won’t). Bowing to the fact that many people are not like me, and read everything, I’ll provide a few points on who I am and what got me to where I am today, wherever that may be when you read this.


I grew up on a dairy farm in southern Ireland. In hindsight it was an idyllic place to grow up. I had acres of land to burn off energy and a large mountain range a few miles away to stare at. I think that subliminally it was these beginnings that made me love the mountains. I can take or leave the ocean, but I must have mountains close by, otherwise something just seems missing.


Galtee Mountains, close to home

As I mentioned, I grew up on dairy farm, so I also love cattle. They are simple, honest creatures with personalities like any human. I’ve enjoyed an upbringing close to nature, one that was based on respecting the land and the animals that depend on it. I’m a carnivore, and also enjoy anything involving dairy, but preferably organic, grass-fed cattle, who lead happy lives far away from the stresses of factory farms.


On the farm in December


In terms of interests, I love anything that involves the outdoors. Skiing helps to make harsh New England winters bearable whilst in the Summer I fill in my weekends hiking, whitewater kayaking or mountain-biking. New England is a great place to live for anyone who likes the outdoors, as the 4 season climate gives a great variety of things to do across the entire calendar year.


I enjoy to travel and spend as much time as I can on the move. Usually I plan on two trips to Ireland each year and plan on 1-2 other long-distance trips annually. In the past this has included Peru, Guatemala, Costa Rica, China, Turkey, Zambia, South Africa, Australia and places in Europe. North America also has plenty to amuse between skiing and weekenders (all dependent on where there’s a deal to be found), a friend to catch up with or something interesting worth seeing. At the moment I’m on 45 of the 50 states (and seemingly getting no closer to the final elusive 5).


I work in technology development for a large financial institution in Rhode Island. Whilst the commute is a chore from Boston, the flexible work option I have allows me to make the journey on a schedule, and helps to make the location issues negligible (if to the detriment of co-location with my amazing teammates). I regularly work in Raleigh, North Carolina in addition and enjoy getting to spend time with the fun team I work with down there. A little variety helps keep things interesting.



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  1. Hey there! I met your sister Siobhan during REI’s Centennial camp out at Sandy Hook, and she was doing a promoting what must now be famous-ness giving out your Instagram/blog. Excited to read up about your journey on the PCT, and to read up about how your sister does when she joins you for a while!

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