PCT2016 Gear

Gear is one aspect of the PCT preparation that has been as perplexing as any game of chess. Every possible convenience and piece of gear is analysed and re-analysed under different lenses and strategies, from weight, size, shape, reuse opportunities, portability, mail-ability and maybe even toss-ability.

For every gear list I have created, there has been another 5 partially created lists scratched-out due to varying levels of confusion, adjustment, analysis, research, readjustment, and in many cases conspicuous consumptive behavior on Amazon, REI and Backcountry (arguably the parties doing best out of this whole PCT idea of mine).

After much thought and after-though however, the following is my final gear list, as of April 26th 2016 with just over two weeks to go. All weights to be confirmed on final weigh-in and many items will be swapping in or out en-route (denoted with an asterisk)

Big Three (Backpack, Shelter, Sleeping)

Actual Weight:    90oz (5.6lb)

  1. Backpack: 

Backpack: 38oz ULA Circuit [owned]

Pack Liner: 0oz Garbage Bag [owned]

  1. Shelter:

G-sheet:     1oz Plastic sheet [owned]

Tent:           16oz Z-Packs Solplex [owned]

  1. Sleep System: 

Pad:      14oz Thermarest ZLite Sol [owned]

Bag:      17oz 20F Z-Packs Quilt [owned]

Liner:     4oz Liner [owned]

Food/Water Prep:

Actual Weight: 16oz (1lb)

Stove: 12oz JetBoil MicroMo (0.8L) [owned]

Utensil: 0.5oz Spork/Ladle [owned]

Filter: 2oz Sawyer Squeeze Mini [owned]

Purification Tablets: 0.5oz Water filter tablets [owned]

Water Storage: 2x 1L Smartwater Bottle

                              2x 1oz Platypus (2L) [owned]

Trekking Gear

Actual Weight: TBD

Trail Shoes: Brooks Cascadia 13 [owned]

Dust Covers: 3oz Dirty girl gaiters [owned]

Trekking Poles: Black Diamond Carbon Splits [owned]

Nike Campshoe [owned]

Bearbox 2lb 9oz BearVault BV500 [owned] *needed in Sierra Nevada/ Yosemite only

Axe 2lb Black Diamond Ice Axe [owned] *dependent on ice/snow in Sierra Nevada

Crampons 2lb Petzl Crampons [owned] *dependent on ice/snow in Sierra Nevada

Traction: 13oz Kahtoola Microspikes [owned] *likely required for Sierra Nevada


Actual Weight: 36.5oz (2.2lb)

Phone: 11oz iPhone 6s with Lifeproof Battery case [owned]

Headlamp: 4oz Black Diamond ReVolt [owned]

Aux Power: 9oz Powerblock plus solar panel [owned] 

Camera: 9.5oz Canon PowerShot SX720 HS [owned]

Headphones: 1oz Apple Headphones [owned]

Cables: 2x 2oz Micro-USB cable [owned]



Actual Weight: TBD

Warm Hat: 2oz Microfiber cap [owned]

Gloves:   2oz Microfiber-gloves   [owned]

                  1oz Ultralight sun-gloves [owned]

Sun Hat: 2oz Sun hat [owned]

Sun Shield: Sun-umbrella [owned] *likely needed in Southern CA (sun) and WA (rain)

Bandana 1oz Guatemala Blue Bandana [owned]

Glasses 3oz Prescription [owned]

Sunglasses 3oz Prescription [owned]

Socks: 3x Darn Tough [owned]

Shorts 6.5oz Black Nike [owned]

Shorts 4.5oz Grey Canterbury [owned]

Combo pants 13.5oz Grey Combo Pants [owned]

Underpants 3oz (ex-officio) [owned]

Thermal Top 11oz Smartwool zip top [owned]

Thermal Bottoms 7oz merino [owned]




Actual Weight: TBD

Health kit

Toothbrush + ultralight floss* + paste*


Sun lotion*

Bug spray*



Actual Weight: TBD


Safety pins

Duck Tape

Lighter + waterproof matches



Compass / Thermometer



Food/Fuel/Water Weights:

Bottle: 5lb 2 x 1L SmartWater(@ 2.5lb each)

Platypus: 5lb – 2L Playpus Filled (x2)

Fuel: 3.5oz JetBoil fuel canister  (100g)